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being heard over LEILA siren

I wrote:

I would argue that you are running TOO MUCH UPLINK POWER if your voice is Q5 copy on top of the LEILA siren.

Jim KL7QR wrote:

In my case I use just 5 watts on L mode with a 1.8 meter dish and I can be heard through LIELA. I have had several situations on the air where I was Q5 through LIELA even though I am a QRP station.  

My conclusion is that L mode works better.  You can often times
outperform U band uplinks with just a fraction of the power.

Wayne replies:

You are NOT QRP if your voice is Q5 on top of the LEILA siren.  To be Q5 on top of the LEILA siren, your signal must be stronger than the recommended downlink signal (beacon-10dB).  5W is QRO with enough antenna gain.

Yes, L-band stations can get far stronger downlinks before they start degrading things for everybody else.  The L-band and U-band AGC characteristics are so extremely different that one of them surely is "broken" from a practical point of view.  I don't know which it is.  L-band AGC lets people get away with running far too much power?  U-band AGC reduces gain prematurely?  A little of both?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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