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Re:Arrow 14 el 70CM RHCP,or what to do waiting for ao40 to show up

 Reading the Satellite handbook, starting at page 9-6, it shows' two way's
to do this. One, using 1/2 wavelength of 50-ohm coax, with 1/4 wavelength of
72-ohm coax. The other, show's 1/4 wavelength of 72-ohm coax, with 3/4
wavelength of 72-ohm coax. Both taking into account the velocity factor of
the coax. This should be easy enough to build. Two things' I don't know how
to take into consideration.

1.  The Arrow has it's vertical vs. horizontal plane spaced 6MM apart.

2.  How to hook up the harness to obtain RHCP.

 I have a fairly large antenna test range, about 1 mile line of sight, from
my sat antennas. I guess I could test for number 2 by transmitting a low
output test signal with my KLM 435 40cx in LHCP, standing downrange far
enough with the Arrow pointed at the KLM, and swapping the harness to test
for max gain.

 So two thing's.  I feel the 6mm offset has to be taken into account, and I
don't know how to do this. Possibly redrilling and moving one plane?  And
what is better the 1/2 WL 50 ohm and 1/4 WL 72 ohm method, or the 1/4 WL 72
ohm  3/4 WL 72 ohm. Any ideas?

73 Jeff kb2m
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