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Re: working split on DXpeditions

Hello This is Yoshi.

At 2003/08/22 03:56:55 Wayne Estes W9AE wrote:
> There is one major problem when a DX station works split-frequency
> on AO40.  The station calling the DX station never knows when LEILA
> is notching his uplink.  Even if I am calling with low power,
> another station on or near my frequency could use high power and
>  activate the 10 kHz wide LEILA notch.

  I agree. I think that the monitoring of own signal is the
most important things on AO-40 operation. I do not like to do
QSO on split (without hearing my own signal).

  Many times I heard some stations who continueing his call
to DX even his callsign had masked by others. If he was monitoring
his signal, he can stop his TX and can clear the downlink, 
why do not? Please make the QSO easyly. No need the Split,
just wait for a while until the downlink become clear. It is
enough on AO-40.

> And working "by the numbers" can be a method for the DX station to
> specifically call the locations that are about to lose the window.
>  For example, a DX station in Africa could call for W6/W7/VE7
> during the short window with that area.

  And also, in case of my JD1/T8 operation, there was many JA
hams who called me during the limited DX window between JD1/T8
and east coast of NA. There was no need to call me so hurry
because JA have many chances after the LOS of NA! AO-40 is not
as HF DX, there will not be suddenly change of conditions and
everybody can estimate how the DX window goes.
  No need to do "by the numbers or callsogn" working. DX should
just call CQ, and other callers should watch the map on their
tracking program. if you have enough time to call DX, please
wait for a while.

> But I think that the technique of the DX operator doesn't really
> matter very much with the existing population of DXers on AO40.
> Has a DX operation ever contacted more than 200 unique callsigns
> on AO40?  Regardless of the technique used, it doesn't take long
> to get 200 stations in the log.  Technique will matter much more
> if/when we have 1000 satellite DXers.

  Sure. Even in the 1995 KH0 pedi on AO-13, I worked only
about 100 calls. In my KH2, T8, JD1 trips in latest 2 years on
AO-40, it was less than 100 every time. I printed my COLOR QSL
cards only 300-500 pcs each HiHi.

> For now, the most important technique issue is to target the
> "maximum DX" stations when AO40 is at low elevation.  When operating
> from the Caribbean, call "CQ Pacific" during the short window
> with Japan and Australia.  When operating from Africa, call
> "CQ North America West Coast" during the short window with the
> west coast of North America.  When operating from a Pacific
> island, call "CQ Europe" to make the JA's stand by during the
> short window with Europe.

  Maybe this is a good way, but I will not do so. I already wrote
an article about this on our Japanese-local BB list that say do
not call me until the DX windows go. In my trip of KH2 at the first
weekend of next Sept., I will say CQ only (or CQ DX), and if
somebody JA call me during the DX windows, I will write a comment
for him after I return to JA.
  And, in the case of pacific-europian situation (west pass from
DX), there will be no need to say CQ EU, because, before the AOS
of EU side, there is window already between pacific and asia. Maybe
the most of asian station (incl.JAs) finished QSO with me. So, the
CQ XXX will be needed only the east pass from DX...

> Of course you are entitled to use any technique you want on your
> next satellite DXpedition.  I will try to work you no matter what
> technique you use.  :-)

  Thanks Wayne. I hope this thread makes OUR DX CONTACTS more

  There is 2003 HAM-FAIR in Tokyo Japan this wekend and I will
go there to meet many friends on sat. If some of you also go to
this FAIR, please look for a fat guy wearing colorful blue ALOHA
shuts. Maybe it is me :-) Aslo I hope to work many stations from

  See you. 73 de Yoshi.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP

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