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RE: FO-29 QRT?


Also, confirmed hearing the digi-talker on the last pass (first time I've
heard it, quite strong).  While it was neat also hearing the bird on an HT
...in my house, I sure hope the transponder is back soon (it's my favorite

Thanks again Grant,  


Chuck KE6OAG

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Normally when the digitalker is on, the voice transponders are off.

Grant Zehr AA9LC
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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] FO-29 QRT?

> Thanks Emily,
> Please clarify:  Is it no longer useable for voice communications?  Re:
> Couldn't get any signal in or out at the "watering hole" (i.e., 435.850).
> Also, where should I look for the digi-talker?  See you on 50 in a few
> minutes (I HOPE)!
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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