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RE: FO-29 QRT?

Hi Chuck,

I don't think it's lost - though it may have lost it's way (HIHI).  I think 
what probably happened is the control operator put it in packet mode.  I 
sent email to Masa to ask him if he can talk to the control operators and 
let me know if this is permanent or temporarily.

When FO-29 was launched it used to have a schedule of being on in packet 
mode for some period and in Voice mode for some other period and they would 
alternate.  Maybe JARL has decided to go back to that mode.  Since we have 
an overhead pass in about 90 minutes I'm going to try to see if the packet 
system was activated or if it's just the digitalker itself.  I've never 
worked FO-29 in packet mode (or any other satellite for that matter other 
than PCsat) so this will be an  interesting experience.  I'm going to log 
everything so it will be interesting to see what I get (if anything.)  I'm 
going to have to figure out what the callsign is - Satscape doesn't have 
that in it's database.


- Emily

At 05:00 PM 8/21/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I was just about to write you when I saw your latest note (below)...  I just
>tried to work FO-29 on orbit 34,623 over the mid-eastern US ...and heard
>nothing!  I was going to ask you, but you beat me to it.
>Oh No!  Have we just lost the LAST decent LEO?  What is going on?  When I
>started just 8 months ago, there were seven voice LEO's, now there's only
>two?  We've lost AO-27, FO-20, UO-14, and now FO-29.  Can this be a
>coincidence -- or is there a common factor?  I'm appalled to think my
>satellite operations are now limited to SO-50 and AO-7. Guess I'd better get
>moving on the AO-40 set-up.
>Most disappointing.  So much for introducing new people to the satellite
>Let's hope 14 and/or 29 can be recovered.
>Chuck KE6OAG
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>This may not be good news....
>From: "Pedro EB4DKA" <eb4dka@teleline.es>
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> >Hi all, nothing heard this afternoon in the european passes of FO-29.
> >Is the bird QRT?
> >
> >Best 73s to all
> >
> >Pedro EB4DKA

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