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CW Mode SQA > 30 Degs

    Today 21-Aug-2003 I made several nice CW QSO's under operating
conditions that I would have previously thought were not possible.
    Using just 5 watts on L1 mode to a dual band patch feed to a 1.8 meter
dish while the squint angle was 34 degrees I talked with:

    JH3DJX.....Yuki  34 degs SQA    549/529 CW mode
    JA1IRH.....Aki    31 degs SQA    559/549  CW mode
    JF1RYU.....Aki    31 degs SQA   569/569  CW mode

    I remember the AO-13 days where there were lots of CW signals on the
transponder.   I don't hear much CW on AO-40.  The CW operators have the
advantage of being able to operate the bird for longer periods of time even
in marginal conditions.
    I found it interesting to observe today what is actually possible and
was a bit surprised I could make QRP CW QSO's with the squint angle being so
high.   Now I will reprogram my NOVA upper limits for squint angles to
include those times for potential QSOs.  I would like to encourage more
operators to try the CW mode even during marginal squint angles.  You might
be surprised to discover you can make QSOs during those periods.

    73  Jim KL7QR / 7 Phoenix Arizona DM33up

Jim Tudehope
Ham Station KL7QR:  http://www.members.cox.net/jtudehope/KL7QR.htm

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