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Re: Lightning Hit on G5400B Help needed

In 2000 I had a similar "hit" on my G5400 rotors.  I wound up replacing:

1.   The position pot in the AZ rotor.  It arced over...later I found the
open in the pot winding and patched it with solder...works ok

2.   The 7806 voltage regulator

3.   The 10k az and el trimmer pots on the back panel.  I replaced all
four...they looked fine, but were "flaky" and the FODtrack driver couldn't
cope with the glitchy behavior.

Hope this helps...good luck!

Grant Zehr AA9LC
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Subject: [amsat-bb] Lightning Hit on G5400B Help needed

> I took a lightning hit Saturday night, and one of the casualties was
> the controller on my G5400B, among other things, but one problem at a
> time. The rotor itself is still functional, I can turn the rotors with
> the controls,  but the metering is not working on either rotor. I could
> use a schematic to help troubleshoot the control box. Looks like I have
> continuity across the rotor pots, and don't see any obvious damage on
> the circuit board

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