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Lightning Hit on G5400B Help needed

 I took a lightning hit Saturday night, and one of the casualties was 
the controller on my G5400B, among other things, but one problem at a 
time. The rotor itself is still functional, I can turn the rotors with 
the controls,  but the metering is not working on either rotor. I could 
use a schematic to help troubleshoot the control box. Looks like I have 
continuity across the rotor pots, and don't see any obvious damage on 
the circuit board

 Lightning came in through my phone line, and I suspect down my Ham-M 
rotor cable on the tower, my antennas were disconnected,  and  the UPS 
which powers the station was shut off prior to the storm, but left 
everything plugged in that the UPS powered, and the rotor control wiring 
was not disconnected, giving a path back to the power strips in the shack.

Other damage included:

Blown Fuse on VCR
Astron PS-50 lost regulation and crowbarred
TS-440 has serious problems
Blown I/O on my Pentium 4 Motherboard
Blown Modem.

I bring all my antennas into a well-grounded patch panel which I can 
disconnect from easily in the event of threatening weather, but 
neglected to do the same for my rotor controllers. I will have to make 
it a priority upgrade, but the horse is already out of the barn, as they 

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