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Re: TZ6RD operation..

Safety QSO's can cause a problem. Here is why....

I am the QSL manager for P5/FL4FN (North Korea). I have received many QSL
requests where the time and date of the QSO sent on the QSL card does not
match the time and date in the log. Therefore, this person does not get a
QSL card back for the P5 contact.

When I send back the card with "Not in Log", they will sometimes send me
email saying they know they made a contact. When I ask them for the time
and date, they tell me "Well, I made several contacts but I didn't log them
all". I simply have to say I am sorry. 

If the requested date/time do not match (within an hour as some people mess
up their clocks and utc) with the log, that could mean that they saw their
callsign in the database and are trying to get a new country without
working the station. The cause could have been that the DX station worked
KK1BD and logged it as KK1BB or KK1DD because he missed the letters. 

The long and the short... The safety QSO should be done after you have
looked at the log and found that you are not in there. Providing you still
would have another chance to make the contact. Obviously if the station is
only there for the one pass and you will be out of pocket for the next
pass, you have to do what you have to do. 

Be sure to send your QSL request with all the contacts that you made on it.
If the DX station saw you in the log, they might not log the second QSO and
left the first in the log. So if you were not sure you made the first one,
made the second for a safety then sent the card for the second QSO, you
could be out of luck. 

Personally, and this is not how everyone does it, but I had instructed Ed
to only work split from North Korea because when the pileup happened, you
would never get a break for him to say a word. Don't forget, you can't get
mad at the DX operator for his operating practices because it is his choice
how he wants to operate and when he wants to operate. We are at their
mercy. In fact, when I sent Doug a message that on one day it was reported
he had his sidebands reversed, he asked me why no one told him on the air
so he could change it. I replied that it was his choice and we were going
to work with him the way he wanted to operate. 

I still remember back in the days of AO-13. When there was a rare DX, the
first 30 minutes we had wall to wall people. After that, the DX station was
always calling CQ looking for anyone. I had many good 10-15 minute QSO's
with them after that (giving a break now and then if someone wanted a
contact and then back to the QSO). 

I hope this makes sense and sorry if I took too much bandwidth.

These comments are my own and do not reflect any organization or group.
Your mileage may differ.


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