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Fw: sat contacts (Lang:EN)

 I've been uploading my log to eQSL but never had the time to see what was
going on, as I never got a eQSL from a sat contact. Until this week, as I'm
home with a foot injury. I got this reply back from them when I tried to
upload my 11k + satellite contact's in my log. Read the messages and then go
to the link explaining my problem. JA isn't even listed, I guess eQSL just
throw's them away. eQSL doesn't look good for satellite contacts.

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: <Support@eqsl.cc>
To: <kb2m@arrl.net>
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 12:46 AM
Subject: sat contacts (Lang:EN)

> Sorry but AO27 and FO20 are satellite names not bands. Please read the
document at
> http://www.eqsl.cc/qslcard/ADIFContentSpecs.cfm
> For a complete and detailed description of our requirements.
> 73, Rich
> W3ZJ
> Support Volunteer
> At 06:00 18-Aug-2003 you wrote:
> Here is an example of a couple of satellite contact from my log, as it is
exported by Logic6 in ADI format. What would need to be done so I can upload
my 11k + satellite contact's? Delete my previous question about the error on
upload of my log, as it appears to be related to too many bad record's.
I.E., the sat contacts
> 73 Jeff kb2m
>  <call:4>W2QE <qso_date:8:d>19980222 <time_on:6>123000 <time_off:6>124000
<rst_sent:2>59 <rst_rcvd:2>59 <name:2>AL <mode:2>FM <band:4>AO27 <state:2>NJ
<dxcc:3:n>291 <operator:4>KB2M <tx_pwr:3:n>100 <cont:2>NA <cqz:1>5 <eor>
> <call:6>VE1AMA <qso_date:8:d>19980222 <time_on:6>130100 <time_off:6>130200
<rst_sent:2>59 <rst_rcvd:2>59 <name:4>BERT <mode:2>FM <band:4>AO27
<dxcc:1:n>1 <qsl_via:6>CANADA <operator:4>KB2M <tx_pwr:3:n>100 <cont:2>NA
<cqz:1>5 <sat_name:4>AO27 <eor>
> <call:5>F4APM <qso_date:8:d>19980223 <time_on:6>132800 <time_off:6>133200
<rst_sent:2>57 <rst_rcvd:2>55 <name:3>ROM <mode:2>JA <band:4>FO20
<dxcc:3:n>209 <comment:6>TALKED <operator:4>KB2M <tx_pwr:3:n>100 <cont:2>EU
<cqz:2>14 <ituz:2>27 <sat_name:4>FO20 <eor>
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Windows NT 5.1; Creative; H010818))
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