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Re: Noisy signal this morning on AO-40 around MA=160

Hello Charles,

Wednesday, August 20, 2003, 9:04:18 AM, you wrote:

> Anyone else experiencing a strong noisy signal around the beacon this morning?

> Telemetry decode is affected sometimes, but on good blocks I can see the L1 
> agc is high,  at around 10dB.  Maybe QRM on L-Band?

yes I did. The signal was slowly moving across the entire band from below
the beacon to the upper edge. On my panoramic receiver it was stronger than
the beacon. It covered abt. 20 kHz bandwidth, but it was not a discrete
signal. Just my S-meter was indicating. When I was trying to transmit on
tat frequency, my signal became distorted and modulated with a certain
warble. Checking the telemetry I noticed L1 AGC going up to 11.48 dB and
with the next block was down again on 0.48.


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