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Re: TZ6RD operation..

There are a lot of very inexperienced operators on the birds, and I would
imagine that
a lot of the mess they are causing is unintentional.

To those of us who work HF a lot, the antics of some of the satellite ops
seem almost 
comical at times.   Trouble is, it's not comical when they are lousing up
your only 
contact with a new state, grid, county, country, etc.  Hopefully they
will LISTEN and
learn from the good ops and not from the LIDS.

Listening seems to be the hardest part to learn.  People want to jump
right in the
middle of things without knowing what's going on.  I don't know how many
I've heard a station calling from a rare place, and for half the pass
nobody answers
them, doubles with them, etc. until somebody comes on and announces a few
that this station is there, then people start to try to work him. 

I'm sure part of the problem is many folks have sub-standard receiving
setups. They 
don't half hear what's going on, so they're jumping in the middle of
other people's
QSO's, etc.  The same old adage from way back still applies, "IF YOU
THEM, YOU CAN'T WORK THEM".  And also you can be lousing up somebody 
else's QSO.


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