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Re: TZ6RD operation..

  I like the split idea, and the by the numbers routine myself. Exactly what
you would use on HF in a pileup. Perhaps, by the numbers would be less
confusing for everyone involved. Also I agree the Bali group should of asked
for NA's, even NA ones, and two's first, or where ever the small closing
window of opportunity was. So the in-experience is on both sides of the
pileup. And of course people should have more sense then to find one's self
right on the dxer's listening frequency. As there is about 400k of bandwidth
on AO40 to find one's downlink. Another problem on AO40 is everyone calling
is closer to the same signal strength , more so then on HF.

 And last but not least...Doug thanks for doing this, we all do appreciate
your efforts.

My two turns of Helix....
73 Jeff kb2m

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> I have some comments on this.  BLT  should get a VP6DIA card, and I'
> working on it.  The pjrson with the heqring problem is still in the
> log.  But there's more too it then just pushing too hard.  Some
> satellite DXers aren't as knowmedqble and it shows up more on the
> satellites
> I can't cope with this keybpoard very well.  More after the 28th when
> I'm in London.
> 73, doug
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