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Re: Re: Local AMSAT net

Emily wrote:
> At present there isn't any AMSAT net in the bay area.  A few
> of us are trying to work on it, but it may take some time to 
> figure out ...

Sorry to drift off-topic of "local" nets but I just thought I'd
provide a pointer to an internet-based alternative to AMSAT 

The Houston AMSAT net meets on Tuesday evenings at 8PM CDT.
Net audio is available via internet feed on Echolink and
Real Audio or MP3 formats.  Info for the MP3 feed is on the
web at http://www.amsatnet.com/ and then click on the
"Listen to Live or Past Nets" link.

You can check-in to the Houston net via echolink or via the
AMSAT IRC Chat (Click on the "Our Audio" link and then read
all about it via the "How to Check In" and "IRC Site" links.
(The guys on the IRC #amsat channel also have a couple of other
paths to internet audio so just ask once you've entered the

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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