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Re: TZ6RD operation..

Yes, more than a few stations did turn things into a 
bit of a fiasco. It used to be pretty much the same
on AO-13 though. 
We have all the same issues as with HF dx-ing with 
the added "bonus" of having a bunch of stations trying 
to find themselves and swishing across the Dx freq. 
I even heard what really sounded like intentional QRM,
but who can say for sure.
And I think the station who just kept calling over and over
simply could not hear Doug. In which case he really 
shouldn't have called in the first place. 
I also made a second contact just to be sure I was in the log ok.
But only after he called CQ without a reply. I was only 95% sure
the first qso was ok due to qrm. A lot would be gained by
taking a bigger antenna or more watts on these dxpeditions, as well
as improving our own receive capabilities.


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> As an avid DXer both HF and satellite I feel this needs to be said:
> I have been working DX on HF since 1960.  I need only two more entities
> to have all the current ones worked.  Yes, I'm a relative newcommer to
> satellite DXing having been at that only about 10 years.  When I 
> eventually upgraded to Mode B, AO-13 was on its way down and AO-10 was
> never very easy or reliable.  Nevertheless, I managed to work some 90
> satellite entities via the LEO birds and a few on AO-10.  Now that I'm
> able to work AO-40 very effeciently I must make a few comments about the
> horrible operating manners that I observed during the early morning of
> Aug. 19th on the TZ6RD operation.  The dog eat dog mannerisms are an
> everyday occurance on HF but I always thought that satellite operators
> were of a much different breed.  There were a number of ops who made
> complete fools of themselves.  There was so much aaalllooowing,
> whistling, testing on Doug's down link frequency by guys trying to find
> themselves.  Many who did make it through were unable to copy a
> confirmation of their call before more were calling even as Doug was
> transmitting.   Yes, he was weak but never within the two hours I
> monitored (0730-0930 UTC) did he reach a point where he was not at least
> Q4 and most of the time Q5.  Yes, I popped my call in when he was calling
> CQ with almost no takers just to confirm I was in the log.  I gave my
> call twice and Doug replied "K0BLT, you are in the log."  A few minutes
> later I returned to bed.  Don't get me wrong.  I have been an aggressive
> DXer in the past but that was when I used an amplifier on HF.  I have not
> used more than 100 watts in nearly 20 years.  I don't know if we've
> learned anything from this operation or not.  Let's hope that if such a
> rare satellite entity were to appear again, would we be faced with a
> similar situation??  Keep in mind that operations from Cocos-Keeling and
> Christmas are scheduled for this fall and Doug is scheduled to go to
> Banaba in the spring.  Is it possible for us to hone our operating skills
> enough that we can make it a pleasure for both sides of the operation? 
> There was just one instance when I noted a sense of hostility from Mali. 
> There was one station in the U.S. who worked him early on in my
> monitoring time.  I heard the confirmation of his call not once but at
> least three times.  Yet this station continued to call and finally Doug's
> statement was, "********, you are in the log but one more time and you
> won't be".  Totally understandable in that the first priority of such an
> expedition is to work as many DIFFERENT calls on differednt modes/bands
> as possible.  There were several others who called in as I did just to
> confirm their calls were in the log.  Those stations did so when it
> appeared that no ones else was calling TZ6RD at the time.  That, to me,
> is not bad operating procedure.  I did not attempt to make a 2nd
> confirmation contact with VP6DIA and found out later that my call did not
> appear in the log!!  I noted that the Ducie operation was similar but not
> nearly as badly plagued with poor operating procedures.
> Please excuse my taking up of so much bandwidth.  I just had to get this
> off my chest.
> 73 to all.   Frank, K0BLT
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