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Re: TZ6RD operation..

I have some comments on this.  BLT  should get a VP6DIA card, and I'
working on it.  The pjrson with the heqring problem is still in the
log.  But there's more too it then just pushing too hard.  Some
satellite DXers aren't as knowmedqble and it shows up more on the

I can't cope with this keybpoard very well.  More after the 28th when
I'm in London.

73, doug
   Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 07:56:22 -0600
   From: Frank A Cahoy <k0blt@juno.com>

   As an avid DXer both HF and satellite I feel this needs to be said:

   I have been working DX on HF since 1960.  I need only two more entities
   to have all the current ones worked.  Yes, I'm a relative newcommer to
   satellite DXing having been at that only about 10 years.  When I 
   eventually upgraded to Mode B, AO-13 was on its way down and AO-10 was
   never very easy or reliable.  Nevertheless, I managed to work some 90
   satellite entities via the LEO birds and a few on AO-10.  Now that I'm
   able to work AO-40 very effeciently I must make a few comments about the
   horrible operating manners that I observed during the early morning of
   Aug. 19th on the TZ6RD operation.  The dog eat dog mannerisms are an
   everyday occurance on HF but I always thought that satellite operators
   were of a much different breed.  There were a number of ops who made
   complete fools of themselves.  There was so much aaalllooowing,
   whistling, testing on Doug's down link frequency by guys trying to find
   themselves.  Many who did make it through were unable to copy a
   confirmation of their call before more were calling even as Doug was
   transmitting.   Yes, he was weak but never within the two hours I
   monitored (0730-0930 UTC) did he reach a point where he was not at least
   Q4 and most of the time Q5.  Yes, I popped my call in when he was calling
   CQ with almost no takers just to confirm I was in the log.  I gave my
   call twice and Doug replied "K0BLT, you are in the log."  A few minutes
   later I returned to bed.  Don't get me wrong.  I have been an aggressive
   DXer in the past but that was when I used an amplifier on HF.  I have not
   used more than 100 watts in nearly 20 years.  I don't know if we've
   learned anything from this operation or not.  Let's hope that if such a
   rare satellite entity were to appear again, would we be faced with a
   similar situation??  Keep in mind that operations from Cocos-Keeling and
   Christmas are scheduled for this fall and Doug is scheduled to go to
   Banaba in the spring.  Is it possible for us to hone our operating skills
   enough that we can make it a pleasure for both sides of the operation? 
   There was just one instance when I noted a sense of hostility from Mali. 
   There was one station in the U.S. who worked him early on in my
   monitoring time.  I heard the confirmation of his call not once but at
   least three times.  Yet this station continued to call and finally Doug's
   statement was, "********, you are in the log but one more time and you
   won't be".  Totally understandable in that the first priority of such an
   expedition is to work as many DIFFERENT calls on differednt modes/bands
   as possible.  There were several others who called in as I did just to
   confirm their calls were in the log.  Those stations did so when it
   appeared that no ones else was calling TZ6RD at the time.  That, to me,
   is not bad operating procedure.  I did not attempt to make a 2nd
   confirmation contact with VP6DIA and found out later that my call did not
   appear in the log!!  I noted that the Ducie operation was similar but not
   nearly as badly plagued with poor operating procedures.

   Please excuse my taking up of so much bandwidth.  I just had to get this
   off my chest.

   73 to all.   Frank, K0BLT

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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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