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Re: (SOUND CARD TESTING RESULTS) AO-40 K-Band and FECtelemetry

Robert McGwier wrote:
> For those of you doing really critical performance
> DSP using the sound card in your machines, I have
> a recommendation or two to make.  I have now done extensive
> testing of all sorts of sound cards and I have picked
> a $750 card for 24 bits but a $50 card using 16 bits
> (18 bit A/D where high order 16 is used).

These premium cards certainly have their place in exacting hi fi audio 
applications, but they're incredible overkill for ham DSP applications.

There is one aspect of sound card quality that is relevant to ham DSP, 
and it's not signal-to-noise ratio or the number of A/D bits. It's the 
accuracy and stability of the sample clock. I've run into a few 
inaccurate sampling clocks in my AO-40 FEC work, and it can be a real 

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