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interesting observation on helix feed

This reminded me of the discussion of whether or not to paint raw metal 
(material heat gain).
I firmly believe any job worth doing is worth doing over and over again, so 
my helix feed for my AO-40 dish is simply tack-soldered onto the pin/solder 
cup that comes out of the N-type panel connector.  No other means of 
physical support.  Well, in this case the ground plane for the helix feed 
is a 6" diameter coffee can lid, unpainted.  The helix is 1/8" refer 
tubing, also unpainted/untreated.
Today in passing I noticed the helix was akimbo re: where it should be 
pointed with respect to the reflector.  Investigating bare-handed showed 
that it was really darned hot...evidently hot enough to move the solder 
joint into the plastic region--gravity took care of the rest.
It was under 100F (38C) in Phoenix today, but the solar loading was 
evidently enough to do the trick.

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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