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Re: How does Mode A fair in a


Emily asked what would happen to Mode A and Mode K (21 MHz up/29 MHz down)
in a BPL environment.  Answer: it's not pleasant.  A typical AO-7 downlink
signal would be more than 30 dB below the BPL interference level, assuming a
half-wave dipole receiving antenna 30 meters from the BPL interference
source.  In most cases, the interference would be even worse, because few
amateurs are able to place their antennas so far from power lines.

Interference to the 21 MHz uplink would be devastating as well, as the
distance factor is likely to be more than made up for by the sheer numbers
of BPL emitters.

Reply Comments to FCC are due this coming Wednesday, August 20.  Go to
www.arrl.org to learn how you can file.  ARRL and AMSAT will be filing
theirs as well.


Ray, W2RS

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