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You will not be disappointed.  After I finish adding
RTTY and PSK to the SDR-1000 software (got to get it
done before the DCC), I will be making measurements showing
the huge increase in sensitivity of the SDR-1000 (the number
one complaint about it) with the 24 bit card high end card.
There is no free lunch with these software defined radios.
You can do really nice things in software but you have to
pay the analog piper somewhere and there is no substitution
for dynamic range!

The reason for my wanting one for amateur radio will be self
evident if you see the talk(s) AB2KT and I are giving at
DCC and AMSAT-NA convention.  The sample rates are necessary
as you say for both the UoSAT's and the proposed L/S band
system on AMSAT-Echo.

Hope to see you in Toronto.

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FEC telemetry

Hello Bob

When I first saw $750 for a sound card, you can guess what I thought!

Then I saw the sampling rate of these cards. This would allow access to some
of the higher bandwidth modes of the UoSATs as well as the higher digital
rates proposed for AO-40. Remind me, how much were we paying for the
LL-Grace and AEA-Timewave DSP units ten years ago? In real terms, proabably
the same, or more.

Still, $750 for a soundcard... ;-) I think that just sneaked in 20dB above
my budget noise level.

Maybe some X/YL's will need some convincing on that one...

Cheers & 73 Howard G6LVB
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