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TVRO Dish Antenna AZ/EL Motor

Does anybody remember the Ny-tek (spelled wrong...I can't remember how
it was actually spelled and I put it here as it sounded phonetically)
dish AZ/EL mount for TVRO use??  It was able to move an attached dish to
just about any location in the sky (perhaps for Video from an other than
geosynchronous orbit).  If you know what I refer to....do you know if a
nytek controller is still available and from where?

I have an old C and Ku band TRVO system using a 6 foot dish that I'd
like to convert to AMSAT use, if possible.  In addition, I recently
visited Green Bank, West VA where they have the GBT for Radio
Astronomy.....what a magnificent antenna!!  I was talking to an engineer
there and he said that a rank amateur stands a reasonable chance of
being able to detect or even hear a pulsar or two....of course one must
use as large of an antenna as possible along with correct receiving
hardware and software.  I thought that would be sorta neat to log a
pulsar in my logbook!!

Thanks for your help!

Gary Memory, N7BRJ/4

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