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For those of you doing really critical performance
DSP using the sound card in your machines, I have
a recommendation or two to make.  I have now done extensive
testing of all sorts of sound cards and I have picked
a $750 card for 24 bits but a $50 card using 16 bits
(18 bit A/D where high order 16 is used).  The 24 bit
cards are Lynx 22L's.  You just have to sweep the
analog front end once to know why these cards are so
good.  It also explains all the large capacitors for
low frequency response in the analog circuitry. This
card is a work of art.

For the mere mortals (including the FEC application),
while doing a lot of DSP work for the SDR-1000
(software defined radio:  http:/www.flex-radio.com ),
I have found that the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz is a
fantastic 16 bit sound card.  This card is really
superb.  It has 4 channels of input (two stereo)
and a switchable gazinta/gazouta for getting either
2 more inputs or 2 extra outputs (as stereo or two
channels on a plug).  It is available from $50 to
$60 at several internet order sites.

If you would like to test your sound card, there is a
freeware program that is also a very nice piece of
programming called RightMark Audio analyzer and is
available at


This program was an eye opening experience but remember
this:  most well known sound cards were designed with
the gaming kids and other playback applications in
mind and recording was a necessary add-on.  The SB Live
was a particularly HORRIBLE card.  Mine are all now
firmly in the round file awaiting a sucker at the next
swap meet.

Good luck!

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