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Re: Trying to hear AO-40

Hi Ron,

Unfortunately I had an obstruction in the way so I couldn't to try but will 
tomorrow.  However, I can give you some tips that might help.

1) Make sure the down converter is getting power.  If you aren't feeding 
power to it, it won't work.  Measure the DC voltage at the end of the coax.
2) Install the 6db attenuator between the power source and the radio - it 
really does make a huge difference.
3) If your radio has a built in attenuator (my 910H does) you might want to 
turn that on as well.  That's another 3db.  (I may even go and add an 
additional 3db!)
4) You don't have to be exact - the middle beacon is pretty strong.  But 
you do have to be on frequency.  I found it ~30KHz above where I started 
looking (Instructions said 145.323, I found it at 145.355).  So do a wide 
5) Also, I did find a recording of the middle beacon and play that.  It 
helped to know what I was looking for.  If you don't have AO-40 Rcv get 
it.  It really helps to understand what the MB is doing.
6) If you find the MB, turn off the AO-40 Rcv option for "Require Good CRC" 
- maybe down the road you can turn it back on, but initially look for any 
data you can get.  (Instant gratification is a good thing ;-)



At 11:40 AM 8/16/2003 -0400, Ronald Nutter wrote:
>Made my first attempt at listening to AO-40 this morning.  Never could 
>hear the bird.  Had the dish pointed to the AZ indicated by Nova where the 
>bird should be.  Think the angle was ok but bought an inclinometer this 
>morning to make sure I have it closer next time.  Tried sweeping with the 
>dish (using the K5GNA package) where the bird should be but never heard it.
>On K5OE's web site, it talked about using a handheld 2m rig to get able to 
>find the MB.  Tried tuning around where the MB was supposed to show up on 
>the downconverter.  Will try again tomorrow with the 706 to see if I have 
>any better results.
>For those using the K5GNA dish package, how long have you had the 
>downconverter powered up before trying to hear AO-40 ?
>Any suggestions as to what I can try the next pass ?

W0EEC - CM87tm

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