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Trying to hear AO-40

Made my first attempt at listening to AO-40 this morning.  Never could hear the bird.  Had the dish pointed to the AZ indicated by Nova where the bird should be.  Think the angle was ok but bought an inclinometer this morning to make sure I have it closer next time.  Tried sweeping with the dish (using the K5GNA package) where the bird should be but never heard it.

On K5OE's web site, it talked about using a handheld 2m rig to get able to find the MB.  Tried tuning around where the MB was supposed to show up on the downconverter.  Will try again tomorrow with the 706 to see if I have any better results.  

For those using the K5GNA dish package, how long have you had the downconverter powered up before trying to hear AO-40 ?

Any suggestions as to what I can try the next pass ?


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