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Bruce Bostwick wrote:
> Getting way OT here, but ..
> Does DSL even allow you to set up a server on your home connection?  I 
> know the upstream connection is much slower than the downstream one, so 
> the outbound data would be slowed down a lot on a DSL connection.  Don't 
> know if cable modems are similarly asymmetrical, and my info on DSL may 
> be out of date, but there used to be serious technical problems with 
> setting up a home DSL server.

It likely depends on your ISP.  I have DSL at home and am running 2 web 
sites on one of the computers here (k6ccc.org and w6sce.org).  There is 
a streaming audio feed that feeds audio from a scanner to however many 
people are connected (I have had as many as 21 during a pursuit).
I get about 750 Kb/s inbound, and 160 Kb/s.  I don't have anything large 
on the site (for somewhat obvious reasons).  The primary reason for the 
sites are to do things that can't be done from my Earthlink site (like 
the straming audio feed).

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