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> But to answer you your rhetorical question: "who really needs HS
> connection?", there are couple ones for hams:  If you support a server 
> (bb
> or ham business) or provide an IGate then the only way I know of is 
> thru a
> 24/7 connection which implies DSL, T-1, or other "wideband" connection.

Getting way OT here, but ..

Does DSL even allow you to set up a server on your home connection?  I 
know the upstream connection is much slower than the downstream one, so 
the outbound data would be slowed down a lot on a DSL connection.  
Don't know if cable modems are similarly asymmetrical, and my info on 
DSL may be out of date, but there used to be serious technical problems 
with setting up a home DSL server.

I've also seen some ISP's get pretty hostile to the idea of a customer 
setting up their own server on a static IP service, or connecting a 
router to share the connection using NAT, or hooking up a WAP.  Don't 
know how much the proposed BPL implementation would differ from that, 
but my guess is they want money, and would want to squeeze even more 
from people who want to do more than just be good little consumers 
content with email and web surfing.  Try setting up a VPN or your own 
home web server and you'll quickly see what I mean.  Generally, they 
want you to get a commercial T1 if you're going to set up a web server 
that gets any kind of traffic at all, because they seem to feel you're 
cheating them if you can get a server working on a home broadband 

Not that they won't leave the implication wide open that you CAN do it 
when they're trying to sign on new customers .. dry laugh .. classic 
marketing game .. but my suspicion is that BPL won't be any more useful 
for home web server use than any other home broadband connection ..
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                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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