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Re: Toronto

Seems like we had this discussion six years ago before the last Toronto
Symposium, but here goes:

A passport is not strictly required for US citizens, a certified birth
certificate or voters registration card will be accepted as proof of
citizenship. A DRIVERS LICENSE IS *NOT* PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP since anybody can
get one. If you have a passport, bring it. 

If you arrive by air, the requirements seem to be a little more strict than if
you arrive by car. Might be best to get a passport if you are planning to fly
into Canada.

Getting into Canada is not usually a problem. Getting back into the US can be
a bigger problem. IF YOU ARE IN THE US ON A STUDENT VISA or some other
temporary visa, do check before leaving to make sure that you will be
readmitted back into the US. Some US visas are good for single entries only. I
can't begin to tell you how much trouble this has caused for some students I
have known. 

US permanent residents holding a green card are admitted to Canada on the same
basis as US citizens.

Ask your auto insurance company for a "Canada Card", which is proof of
insurance acceptable to Canadian authorities. It is rare but people have
occasionally been turned away at the border for not having one. If you are not
the owner of the automobile you will need a notarized letter from the owner
giving permission to take the vehicle into Canada. 

Leave your guns at home. Usually this is the only question they ask me at the
border. Radar Detectors are illegal in Ontario and Quebec and may be

US hams have automatic reciprocity in Canada, but it might be a good idea to
bring a copy of the rules, and of course your license.

Speed limit signs in Canada are kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.
"Speed limit 100" means about 62 miles per hour. Signs indicating distance are
also in kilometers. Gas is sold by the liter. Weather reports are in degrees
Centigrade and Kilopascals of pressure.

When buying airline tickets, remember that the "Ontario" airport is in
California, not Canada. (go ahead and laugh, but all of these warnings are
based on experience of certain people I have known.)

If you are passing through the US in transit from a third country, keep in
mind that the US recently suspended the "transit without visa" program. A
group of Mexican students was recently stranded in Canada for several days
when Delta Airlines refused to board them on a flight from Montreal to Mexico
City with a connection in Atlanta. 

FYI- In Canada you can buy radio scanners and receivers that are not blocked
for cellular frequencies. Whether you choose to declare such a purchase when
you return to the US is up to your conscience. Other forbidden items such as
Cuban cigars are also available, but best to smoke them before returning to
the US. 

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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