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I certainly do NOT support BPL.  Very BAD engineering idea.  Probably a
"wonderful" (for the investors) business opportunity.

But to answer you your rhetorical question: "who really needs HS
connection?", there are couple ones for hams:  If you support a server (bb
or ham business) or provide an IGate then the only way I know of is thru a
24/7 connection which implies DSL, T-1, or other "wideband" connection.

I would love to have DSL because my dial-up only provides me with 19 to 21
Kb connection (costs me $26/mo).  Their central office equipment cannot
support DSL speeds.  There is no TV-cable.  NO wireless connections (too
low density population).  Satellite is too expensive (requires a 6-foot
dish in Alaska).  But I will not use BPL even if it comes to town.

My wife wants to set up her home-based business (CAD design) and needs high
speed connections for her clients.  I will probably be forced into
installing a microwave data-link to the nearest CO...yuk!

So, yes most consumers are fine with "poky" dial-up service...a few of us
have legitimate needs for more.  Providers are slow to expand their
infrastructure (seem to be milking the customer).

73, Ed - AL7EB

At 10:30 AM 8/15/03 -0400, Jeff VanMeter wrote:
>I couldn't help but think.
>I just filed a comment with the FCC over the BPL issue.  This is one of
>those things that no doubt Big Money will win out on.  However I did at
>least try.  The thing that frustrates me the most is that this all
>encompassing network will serve what function?  The vast majority of
>Americans do not need high speed internet.  Sure it is nice for my children
>to be able to talk to new friends who is a 45 year old psychopath.  It is
>also nice that people will be able to illegally download music and videos.
>It is a great thing that porn will be more easily passed.  Spamers will be
>able to work form home.  Hackers will have new opportunities to infect your
>Maybe I am naieve, but I just do not know of many  legitimate uses for high
>speed internet fo the average guy.  I can go to Walmart to buy music and
>videos.  My daughter still knows how to dial a phone.  And I keep a garbage
>can by my mail box for junk mail.  (I have never had to update this can so
>that it can filter out any infected mail)
>The whole thing is just a lot of dollar signs, and it makes me sick.
>Jeff VanMeter KA8HQL
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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