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On Friday 15 August 2003 7:30 am, Jeff VanMeter wrote:
> I couldn't help but think.
> I just filed a comment with the FCC over the BPL issue.  This is one of
> those things that no doubt Big Money will win out on.  However I did at
> least try.  The thing that frustrates me the most is that this all
> encompassing network will serve what function?  The vast majority of
> Americans do not need high speed internet.  Sure it is nice for my children
> to be able to talk to new friends who is a 45 year old psychopath.  It is
> also nice that people will be able to illegally download music and videos.
> It is a great thing that porn will be more easily passed.  Spamers will be
> able to work form home.  Hackers will have new opportunities to infect your
> computer.
> Maybe I am naieve, but I just do not know of many  legitimate uses for high
> speed internet fo the average guy.  I can go to Walmart to buy music and
> videos.  My daughter still knows how to dial a phone.  And I keep a garbage
> can by my mail box for junk mail.  (I have never had to update this can so
> that it can filter out any infected mail)
> The whole thing is just a lot of dollar signs, and it makes me sick.
> 73's
> Jeff VanMeter KA8HQL

Hi Jeff,
   you need to get out on the internet more and find out there are a lot of 
uses for high speed...

downloading a 600 meg ISO image of a linux distribution, being able to put up 
a website with lots of goes and apt satellite pictures... being able to get 
pdf manuals for rigs and such that are 100's of megs in size...  

being able to reload windows 2000 from cd and then go out and get over 900 
megs of updates and fixes...
try that at 28.8...

if your that disgusted with the internet...  then pull the plug....


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