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I've got the helix feed blues

Hi Group.

I did some measurements on my antenna system a couple of days ago and although it works fine, the limiting factor is definitely the noise pick up from the large number of sidelobes produced by the 5.25t helix.

A patch has a cleaner pattern but is not ideally suited for my 0.6 f/d dish.

So my question is: Does anyone know if there is an existing design or a design programme for a CP 2.4G (2.304 etc) version of the W2IMU feed horn?

I imagine the W2IMU feed would be popular for EME and it is known to produce a clean pattern for longer f/d dishes. I have linear version for 10G but I would like to build one for AO-40 and give it a try.


David   G0MRF     www.g0mrf.freeserve.co.uk/ao40.htm
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