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Some helpful hints for your visit to Toronto.

Does Canada require a passport from us down south boys, or will a drivers 
license work fine?
George KC5WBV
										14 August 2003
	KC5WBV (and AMSAT Members) de AA1YE   BT

	US citizens do NOT need a passport to enter Canada. However some positive
identification would not be out of order. But, without identification, you
will have trouble re-entering USA. Such documents can include:
	A Passport, if you have one
	Your USA (state) Drivers License
	Your Birth Certificate
	Perhaps a Marriage Certificate ?
	Copy of a recent Utility Bill
	Your FCC license

	We have always found the Customs Inspectors at the Border to be very
reasonable, provided you are honest with them. Tell them where you're going
and, on your return, where you've been.
In our experience its on the return journey that you get the most questions.

	There is a "Duty Free" allowance for bringing purchases back from Canada.
The amount depends on the time that you have been out of USA.
	There are limits on the quantity of tobacco products and the volume of
alcohol that you can bring back "duty free" even if you are under the "Duty
Free limit". That's not to say you cannot bring these items back; its that
you are liable for duty on quantities over the particular limits.

	Don't forget the Duty Free shop between the Customs Posts at all major
border crossings. Purchase the alcohol that you're bringing home there.

	One other important item, if you are driving. You should visit your car's
insurance agent and get a Temporary Insurance Certificate for use in
Canada. Its a yellow card about 2½" x 1½". Your insurance agent should give
it to you "free of charge". This is required by the Canadian authorities if
you are involved in an accident. Its also another piece of identification.

	A big point to remember on the financial side:-

  1.	Obtain and KEEP the receipt of all purchases made in Canada. Your
payment will include GST (a national sales tax) plus Provincial tax where

  2.	When you reach the Canadian Customs Post on your return, STOP. Don't
drive past it. Go inside and ask them to "please stamp these receipts of
purchases I have made while in Canada and which I am carrying home with
me". They will stamp every receipt.

  3.	Next stop is the "Duty Free" shop, located between the Customs Posts.
Go inside.

  4.	Fill out a form listing all of the purchases that you made in Canada
and for which you have "Canadian Customs stamped" receipts. 
Take this form and the receipts to a desk and the GST tax that you paid
will be refunded 100%! They will also change any "left-over" Canadian money
that you have to USA money at a favourable exchange rate. 
(You can also get Canadian money at these places on your way into Canada).

  5.	The last stop is the USA Customs Post. Be honest with the inspector;
in general they're "good guys". We've never had a problem in almost 40
years of border crossing; the last time was in October 2002. Good luck.

	Finally you may want to register expensive personal equipment (radios,
etc) with the USA Customs on your outward journey. This can be a blessing
on the return journey if you are unfortunate to get a USA Customs Inspector
"who has had a bad day". Cars are not registered.

	In any case, stop at the USA Customs Post on the outward journey and get a
copy of the regulations for returning to USA. The little booklet, its free,
gives all the necessary details  for returning to USA from a short
(overseas) visit.

	73s   de John  AA1YE,  AMSAT 439.

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