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Re: Question on AO-40 for downlink

Ron Nutter wrote:

I am putting together an AO-40 station that will also be portable.  My
question is the amount of tilt I need to have for the antennas to point to
the bird.  I have a commercial grade tripod that I will be starting out
with.  Assuming that straight ahead of you is 0 degrees and straight above
is 90 degrees, in north america, how far above 0 degrees should I expect to
be able to point the antennas to see AO-40 ?

Wayne replies:

The maximum elevation of AO40 is dependent on your latitude.  The
northernmost excursion of AO40's apogee will be about 11 degrees North
latitude in the Spring of 2004.

So the maximum elevation of AO40 in the Northern Hemisphere is 101 degrees
minus your latitude.  Overe the next several years, the maximum elevation
will be a few degrees less than that most of the time.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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