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Re: USA hams need GEOsat :-)

> By the way:
> I still don't understand how this can happen.
> That such large area can be without electrical power due to overloading
> (what they say on CNN).
> With proper cable networking, and deviding of power amoung the powerplants
> it should only happened to a small area. It again shows how the "mighty
> country" is actual very fragile.

How it's come to this is very simple:  over-regulation of utilities, forcing
years worth of artificially low retail power rates while wholesale prices
have skyrocketed have left little money for grid maintenance.  Of course,
other factors have aggravated the problem, such as absurdly high salaries,
benefits and retirement funding forced upon the utilities by the unions as
well as ridiculous salaries, bonuses, etc. for executive management, just to
name a couple more.  Throw in unjustified dividends to shareholders, in
light of the real financial performance of most of the utilities, and you
have the perfect recipe for disaster.

I guess you could describe it as ubiquitous greed and shortsightedness...



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