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USA hams need GEOsat :-)


I just hear about the power problem in USA.
No television, no radio, no telephone haha, like they went back into 

But I think it's a good example that ham radio can still be very usefull 
when commercial communications fails.

So I suggest the GEOsat would be helpfull for hams in USA :-)
Hmmm or maybe two of these sats... :-)

By the way:
I still don't understand how this can happen.
That such large area can be without electrical power due to overloading 
(what they say on CNN).
With proper cable networking, and deviding of power amoung the powerplants 
it should only happened to a small area. It again shows how the "mighty 
country" is actual very fragile.

I hope ham radio could be helpfull during this problem...
and that there will be some more ham-sats, for dx, and as backup in 
emergency situations...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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