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Easy Sat Questions

Hi Glen,
Re SO-50
The SO-50 receiver is very sensitive and should be no problem at all.
The downlink power, however, is significantly less than that of  UO14,
(about 250 milliwatts) and a good receiving antenna or a short feeder length
and pre -amp is useful.Your gear sounds adequate.
The usual failure to work SO-50 is that the 67Hz sub audio tone is not like
a repeater access tone and needs to be transmitted continuously at the
correct level on the uplink.

At elevations of over 10 degrees, It is quite possible to use SO-50 with a
handheld and an Arrow antenna. This has been demonstrated at several shows
by the AMSAT UK guys and a portable setup was used by  G0SFJ to give us SV8
recently. It is also possible to use a combined VHF/UHF whip and work it
mobile. I do, but I'm running 50 watts on the uplink with an IC 706, again
for elevations of 10 degrees plus.

Unlike UO 14, I have found that there is a small benefit in slowly raising
the uplink frequency by about 3kHz after the satellite has passed overhead.

At my base station, I use 100 watts into a 5/8 groundplane on the uplink and
a pair of horizontal/ vertical polarised switched  3 element yagis. With
this setup and 5 metre RG213 feeders I can work SO-50 out to 2500km, so
relatively simple setups can do the job okay.

Hope this helps,
Mike G3LGR

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