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Re: easy sat questions

Hi Glenn,

Glenn KD5DGA wrote:
>Good afternoon,
>I have some questions about the easy sats(uo-14,ao027 and so-50)
>Sounds like uo14 is acting up a little maybe it needs a shot in the arm.
>Is ao-27 still in operation or completely lost?

UO-14 is indeed acting up.  AO-27 has not been operational for some time 
though my understanding is that recovery efforts continue.

>I had tried to work so-50 in the past and fully aware that a 67 hz pl tone
>has to be used(of course I had the tone programed in)but couldnt work it
>like uo-14.
>I understand that so-50 downlink band width is about 1/2 of what uo-14 is.
>Is this true?

I don't know about the bandwidth (though good idea - I should check FM/N 
next pass) but the power is definitely lower.  It takes a good antenna - 
you really can't work SO-50 on a whip.

>Can anyone give me some pointers on so-50 operation?
>Now I have no elevation control I have 2 meter crossed yagi and a 2 70 cm
>beams skewed / \ .
>These are pointed up 15 degrees up over the horizon.As long as I dont have a
>overhead pass this work great for uo-14,iss and no-44.

This is close to what I have - my 2m Yagi is 5 elements, I have a single 10 
element 70cm.  But I have the Icom factory preamp for 70cm.  It makes a 
huge difference.

I have no rotator at all - my beams are pointed up about 18 degrees and I 
manually rotate when the signal gets scratchy.  I just worked 4 stations 
(w0sat, wa8efc, k5man and n5afv) during the 20:55z pass.

>Since that uo-14 has some problems,no-44 is pretty much out of it right now
>and the iss packet is turned off I would like to be able to do more within
>what I have.
>Maybe I dont have the right frequencies for so-50?

I keep the uplink frequency at 145.850 and tune the downlink at 436.809 at 
the beginning of the pass.  Then I tune down as the pass 
progresses.  Should be about 436.788 at the end of the pass.



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