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easy sat questions

Good afternoon,
I have some questions about the easy sats(uo-14,ao027 and so-50)
Sounds like uo14 is acting up a little maybe it needs a shot in the arm.
Is ao-27 still in operation or completely lost?
I had tried to work so-50 in the past and fully aware that a 67 hz pl tone
has to be used(of course I had the tone programed in)but couldnt work it
like uo-14.
I understand that so-50 downlink band width is about 1/2 of what uo-14 is.
Is this true?
Can anyone give me some pointers on so-50 operation?
Now I have no elevation control I have 2 meter crossed yagi and a 2 70 cm
beams skewed / \ .
These are pointed up 15 degrees up over the horizon.As long as I dont have a
overhead pass this work great for uo-14,iss and no-44.
Since that uo-14 has some problems,no-44 is pretty much out of it right now
and the iss packet is turned off I would like to be able to do more within
what I have.
Maybe I dont have the right frequencies for so-50?
Please help,
Thanks and 73s,
Glenn kd5dga

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