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Re: BBQ Dish Sanity - more info

Hi Guys,

Good luck on this.  Let me mention that I have both 39-inch and 33-inch
offset feed dishes above my roof that have withstood 65 mph sustained winds
for a 30-hour period this spring.  The 33-inch dish is mounted on a G5400
with aluminum crossboom.  The clamps did slip so the dish is looking
downward but is easily reset (no damage).

Both dishes are solid light weight aluminum construction.  I bought both
from Radio Shack who was a Home Dish dealer.  The 39-inch dish cost me
$159.  The local RS stores were sold this spring so no longer are dealers
(now Direct-TV).  So I do not know if you can secure these dishes at other
RS dealerships.  My Guess these are either Channel Master or Winegard Mfr.

73, Ed - AL7EB 

At 10:36 AM 8/14/03 -0400, Anthony Monteiro wrote:
>Hi Hasan,
>I didn't keep the email but I believe it was Bob, K5GNA who
>thought he might be able to get 1m' perforated round dishes.
>A 1m round perf dish would be very welcome! I looked for one
>of these and was unable to find one, only solid dishes. With
>the right feed, this would be pretty close to the BUD guys
>as you could be nearly at the noise floor at max range
>(assuming 23dB gain and .5 dB NF preamp.) and still use
>a fairly wimpy rotator depending on how much wind you get.
>With the grid dish you can only hope to get within 3 dB of
>this (using a proper feed.) Although this would be pretty
>good performance and would be perfectly fine almost all the
>time, it isn't in the BUD class.
>Tony AA2TX
>At 12:04 PM 8/13/03 -0500, hasan schiers wrote:
>>Thanks for all your work on the Andrews BBQ. I have one that I have been
>>VERY pleased with. It is "original" from HyperLink Technologies and my
>>experience with a calibrated attenuator showed me that it worked quite well.
>>Gene Marcus' program matched my real world measurements. (I'm using a
>>UEK-3000 d/c)
>>My operating experience pretty well showed that I was hearing better than
>>90% of the people I talked to on the bird. Obviously a 1 meter dish with Jim
>>Miller's patch feed would do about 5 to 6 dB better. That would be my next
>>step, if I was willing to watch my KR-500 elevation rotor get destroyed.
>>What was that you were saying about a 1 meter perforated dish? I wonder what
>>it might cost, and if it would have an acceptable f/D ratio for the G3RUH
>>circular patch feed?
>>...hasan, N0AN
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