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operating UO-14 (radio question)

I tried yesterday for the second time ever to operate on UO-14.  The 
first time I heard the bird but did not have an uplink set up. 
Yesterday morning, I tried to hear the downlink with a small beam (3 
elements) and a FT-470.  I heard nothing but I guess the bird might not 
have been functional at that point (north central Texas, 9:55CST pass). 
  Assuming the bird is
functional, should I be able to hear it with my FT-470s stock onmi? with
my small beam?  According to the specs, my FT-470 is actually 3uV more
sensitive than my IC-207h does this make sense?  I find it hard to
believe my HT has a better reciever than my mobile.  Finnally, will my
mobile with a 2m 1/4 wave ground plane on the roof be an okay receive
setup?  It seems to me that this might work because a 144mhz 1/4wave
whip is almost exactly 3/4 wave on 435mhz.  Thanks for your knowledge,
-David Carr

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