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Re: RE: DX idea

>I have something that I would like to try for the DX stations trying to
>work NA via AO40.  An moreover, for us trying to work the DX stations.
>After getting up this morning early and going back to bed, I missed
>the TK station (congrats Frank).  But, I did hear and work 8J1RF (2nd
>time), who was calling and calling with no reply.  And I noticed the post
>from JN1GKZ that Obi had worked only 1 NA station last week each day he
>operated (4AUG was me).

I worked him on 8/8 at 0610z, at least I think I worked him, I was very 
drowsy at that late hour :)

>So, my hairbrained idea is to get some NA stations lined up to be on AO40
>at the same time.  Give the DX something to chase, lol.  And a reason to
>get on and work NA.  I have not given to thought to how to work them.  We
>could do it roundtable style with one NA station calling CQ and passing
>DX to everyone else in the group.  Then calling again.
>I figure, if there is enough interest to give this a shot, working East
>would be best (maybe we can scare up the TZ).  So, Saturday (16 AUG) or
>Wednesday (20 AUG) would be good prospects.  Pick a time to start when
>are in the window.  I have spoken to K5OE and he is interested.  So Jerry
>(or Frank) would be the farthest west, and therefore set the start time.
>Any interest in giving it a shot one early, half asleep, morning?

Thanks to status of the tech industry, I have plenty of time on my hands 
lately. I've been getting up early to work the DX window, so I have no 
problem doing this. Count me in. I was somewhat surprised that I was one of 
2 NA stations on the air when 8j1 was on. It was a productive 
night/morning, I managed to get 5N0EVR, ZS5LEE and of course 8J1RF.


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