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Re: BBQ Dish Sanity - more info

Hi Hasan,

I didn't keep the email but I believe it was Bob, K5GNA who
thought he might be able to get 1m' perforated round dishes.

A 1m round perf dish would be very welcome! I looked for one
of these and was unable to find one, only solid dishes. With
the right feed, this would be pretty close to the BUD guys
as you could be nearly at the noise floor at max range
(assuming 23dB gain and .5 dB NF preamp.) and still use
a fairly wimpy rotator depending on how much wind you get.

With the grid dish you can only hope to get within 3 dB of
this (using a proper feed.) Although this would be pretty
good performance and would be perfectly fine almost all the
time, it isn't in the BUD class.


Tony AA2TX

At 12:04 PM 8/13/03 -0500, hasan schiers wrote:

>Thanks for all your work on the Andrews BBQ. I have one that I have been
>VERY pleased with. It is "original" from HyperLink Technologies and my
>experience with a calibrated attenuator showed me that it worked quite well.
>Gene Marcus' program matched my real world measurements. (I'm using a
>UEK-3000 d/c)
>My operating experience pretty well showed that I was hearing better than
>90% of the people I talked to on the bird. Obviously a 1 meter dish with Jim
>Miller's patch feed would do about 5 to 6 dB better. That would be my next
>step, if I was willing to watch my KR-500 elevation rotor get destroyed.
>What was that you were saying about a 1 meter perforated dish? I wonder what
>it might cost, and if it would have an acceptable f/D ratio for the G3RUH
>circular patch feed?
>...hasan, N0AN
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