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Re: BBQ Dish Sanity - more info


Thanks for all your work on the Andrews BBQ. I have one that I have been
VERY pleased with. It is "original" from HyperLink Technologies and my
experience with a calibrated attenuator showed me that it worked quite well.
Gene Marcus' program matched my real world measurements. (I'm using a
UEK-3000 d/c)

My operating experience pretty well showed that I was hearing better than
90% of the people I talked to on the bird. Obviously a 1 meter dish with Jim
Miller's patch feed would do about 5 to 6 dB better. That would be my next
step, if I was willing to watch my KR-500 elevation rotor get destroyed.

What was that you were saying about a 1 meter perforated dish? I wonder what
it might cost, and if it would have an acceptable f/D ratio for the G3RUH
circular patch feed?


...hasan, N0AN

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