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MGS UHF Geocentric Doppler During Opposition

The files John refers to in this message are posted at

Note that the doppler predictions account for the motion of the spacecraft
with the center of the earth, you will have to apply an additional
correction due to the motion of your receiver due to the Earth's rotation.

-Joe KM1P

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Subject: [EME] MGS UHF Geocentric Doppler During Opposition

> Dear Mars Radio Amateurs,
> NASA/JPL will be conducting from the Stanford (SRI) 46-meter Antenna
> another suite of Deep Space UHF tests with Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)
> and Mars Odyssey.  Odyssey's UHF system will only be used for brief
> tests (<20 minutes).  However, MGS will have its UHF system active
> for multiple days.  I will provide the exact timeline of events for
> MGS shortly.
> To assist any of you who might attempt to listen for the 1-watt
> 437.100000 MHz RHCP CW signal from MGS at Mars, I have attached (in
> two file formats, text and PDF) the geocentric Doppler predictions
> for MGS for the period inclusive of the test activities.  Please note
> the times in the file(s) are in Earth Received Time (ERT).
> MGS will be entering and exiting occultation with each 118-munte
> orbit.  So it will not be viewable continuously.  Furthermore, its
> UHF antenna (with about 0 dBi of gain, EIRP~30 dBm) will only be
> viewable from Earth for a few minutes (5 to 15 minutes) just before
> ingress and just after egress as it orbits.  As mentioned the
> timeline of ingress, egress, and UHF activation will be sent shortly.
> As always, thank you for your interest.  Please stay tuned!
> Sincerely,
> John Callas
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