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RE: DX idea

Good Evening Mike,

I'm certainly game.  I've been at this DXing business for 40+ years and
getting up at odd and crazy hours is just part of the game.  My AOS on
Aug 15th is at 06:30 UTC and with the possibility that TZ6RD will be on
ther isn't one shred of doubt that I'll be on at my AOS.  As a matter of
fact I'll be up and about earlier just to check the Logger to see if Doug
has been spotted before I actually get AOS.  Sorry you missed the TK,
Mike.  He was big as brass and very easy to work.  Actually the only
thing in Europe needed that I know is QRV via AO-40 is YO (YO6OBK &
YO7HC).  When a new one via an expedition isn't a possibility that's my
main incentive for getting up early.  Sometimes there is a bonus like TK
this morning.  Having said all of that, please add me to your list of NA
stations that are always keen to work DX of any variety.  Not just new
DXCC but DX in general.  I love to operate and I love chasing

If the TZ fails to show on the 15th.  I don't think that'll be the case
but if, however, it does happen, whatever my AOS is on the next Eur/Afr
window with DN81, I'll be there.  As a matter of fact, even if we all get
lucky and work Doug on the 15th I'll still probably be on the bird
whenever the next good DX window.  I must take advantage of the medical
leave of absense I'm currently on.  It appears that I'll be back at the
salt mine in a couple of weeks.

All in all do count me in on whatever/whenever you put together a plan of
action.  I'll check the BB and for more real time info, the Logger.  Keep
us all updated, Mike, and I'll continue to post DX spots as I hear them.

73 to all.  Frank, K0BLT  Nebraska, DN81kq

Wayne, Frank, Shawn, Jeff,

I have something that I would like to try for the DX stations trying to
work NA via AO40.  An moreover, for us trying to work the DX stations. 
After getting up this morning early and going back to bed, I missed
the TK station (congrats Frank).  But, I did hear and work 8J1RF (2nd
time), who was calling and calling with no reply.  And I noticed the post
from JN1GKZ that Obi had worked only 1 NA station last week each day he
operated (4AUG was me).

So, my hairbrained idea is to get some NA stations lined up to be on AO40
at the same time.  Give the DX something to chase, lol.  And a reason to
get on and work NA.  I have not given to thought to how to work them.  We
could do it roundtable style with one NA station calling CQ and passing
DX to everyone else in the group.  Then calling again.

I figure, if there is enough interest to give this a shot, working East
would be best (maybe we can scare up the TZ).  So, Saturday (16 AUG) or
Wednesday (20 AUG) would be good prospects.  Pick a time to start when
are in the window.  I have spoken to K5OE and he is interested.  So Jerry
(or Frank) would be the farthest west, and therefore set the start time.

Any interest in giving it a shot one early, half asleep, morning?

Sleepy DX chaser,

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