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12V Tap for Pre-Amp, Best location on a 3731AA

Has any one ever installed a feed thru cap to the outside world on a
Transystem 3731AA?

I have one that I removed and bypassed the 12v regulator for direct power
from my FT-847, and I want to try a DEM ULNA in front of it. I thought I
could install the feed thru cap attached to the 12v line inside the
Transystem to feed the DEM pre-amp with a single wire from the Transystem
over to the ULNA.

Haven't looked at the specs to see if both will exceed the current rating of
the FT-847 pre-amp supply (300mA?)...  if so, I'll just use a bias tee.

If someone has tried this, where did you put it? If not, I'll take my best

Likewise, if adding a pre-amp to the front of a 3731AA is a moot point,
speak now before I fire up the drill.


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