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RE: Question about the IC-910H on satellite Pt 2

I left out one very important step.  Please add steps 5 and 6 to the below 

5) Turn the squelch all the way off.  If you have the DSP installed, set it 
to 1 or 2.
6) Turn the main band pre-amp ON


At 07:53 AM 8/12/2003 -0700, I wrote:

>Hi Howard,
>Here is the method I use to work FM satellites on the 910H:
>1) Set in Satellite mode with uplink in sub and downlink in main
>2) If SO-50, set the PL Tone for the sub band to 67Hz
>3) Lock the sub band [S] so that it stays on the center frequency
>4) Tune the main band up ~8KHz and set the AFC to on.
>When the signal appears, the AFC should automatically center itself on the 
>center of the carrier and "follow" the signal down.  It's a crude but 
>effective means of automatic doppler correction.  If there is a big fade I 
>might have to nudge the frequency down but the AFC does the job most of 
>the time.

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