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S-meter readings

Yesturday I received and connected a aidc-3731aa. I am using an IC-275a for
an IF. Even with a very short piece of cable between the radio and DC, I
have no s-meter reading. I was expecting an S5 or better with no attenuator.
I have used the preamp power to power the convertor I also built a power
inserter with the same results. When I switch from USB to FM the s-meter
readings are more like what I expected. I built a small sig gen to test
converter. It is working. This morning I was able to hear the beacon and
several QSO's with a helix and Primestar. I get the noise increase when
powering up the DC. Is this normal for this radio. Is the s-meter derived in
a way that does not allow it to indicate this type of noise.


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