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Re: Bali on AO40 August 17-18

Hello Wayne,

That is one of our intention on AO-40 Bali QSO Party, which is to work as
much as possible State side, especially the eastern part. (from OI71pg).
We have chosen the areal which is open to horizon (in theory down to 0
degree), both east and west pass, which is 'Serangan'  (in the open space
We will use 3 parabolic dish (9 feet each) with dual-band patch system, and
operate simultaneously. We plan to be active on SSB, CW and PSK-31, subject
to condition of the bird.
This is quite a rare occasion, I know that most of our windows now are on
your office hour.

Best regards,

Reinhard Sual - YB0KTQ

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From: "Wayne Estes W9AE" <w9ae@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2003 11:04 AM
Subject: Bali on AO40 August 17-18

> Hello Reinhard,
> Will the AO40 Bali QSO party station be able to work very low elevation to
> the east?
> If so, I would like to try to make my first satellite contact with
> Indonesia.  I am near Chicago in EN62af, and the window is very short.
> only good window is 18 August from 1730-1750 UTC when the elevation is
> 4 degrees at both ends.
> To do this, I must operate portable because my house has trees obstructing
> the horizon to my west.  Fortunately, the window is during my lunch hour,
> and I have a good view of the western horizon from the parking lot at my
> office.  Please let me know if the Bali station will be able to work AO40
> low elevation to the east, and if you plan to be QRV 18 August at 1730
> When the satellite rises for you, I hope you will call for stations in the
> eastern part of North America (W3, W4, W8, W9, VE3).  Good luck with the
> Bali QSO party AO40 station!
> Thanks,
> Wayne Estes W9AE
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