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Re: [officers] Re: "Two Hundred Meters and Down," 2003edition

Grant Zehr wrote:

> Well, yes, but that's kind like saying you're in favor of smog because it
> will give you a reason to wear a full-face respirator.  Pollution is
> pollution....save DSP, FEC etc. for cases when the noise is unavoidable.

Noise is *always* unavoidable. So is interference, since nobody (not 
even a broadcast station) has an exclusive, world-wide allocation.

Spectrum is a finite natural resource that we must share efficiently. 
Modulation schemes that cannot tolerate interference are inefficient 
because they require lots of protection from others on the same 
frequency. Digital modulation with FEC, properly designed, can tolerate 
much more interference than any analog scheme providing the same 
service, and are therefore essential in making efficient use of the 

DSP and FEC are not something to keep in reserve, but essential 
techniques to use as much as possible. They are already standard 
practice outside ham radio, and it's time we caught up.


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