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Steve w4epi and the group.

Just installed the pc sat telemetry decode program.Pretty slick little
I already have the agwpe packet engine.Perfect setup for my Icom 821 , since
I have my soundcard interface hooked to it.
I would like to be able to work more of the other digital sats by using the
agwpe packet engine, is there any other programs out there that I could use
to work these sats?
I hope that pcsat isnt completely lost.Hate to see that happen.
Oh before I forget,
Looking at alot of posts to the amsatbb about primstar antennas;
In my area a local wireless cable provider went out of buiness and when some
of my inlaws contacted the company to remove their antennas, their reply was
its yours to keep.
since these antennas were of no value to my relatives I took them down for
I havent looked at the antennas closely to see who made the lna but I had
read somewhere in the past about someone who modified something similar for
his uo-40 downlink.
Has many sat operators have taken this approach?
Two of these antennas are about 18 inches square and one is about 36 inches
Hopefully I could make one of these work for my downlink antenna to atleast
get on uo-40.
thanks and 73s,
Glenn kd5dga

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